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Wall Mount Panel Hook Grip and Connecting Arm

Front View of Hook Grip


Parts to Order for Configuration at Left (stock sizes listed):

(D) Panel Grip - Hook (B) Connecting Arm
Diameter Length Diameter Length
1.0" (25mm) 1.5" (37mm) 1.0" (25mm) 0.5" (12mm)
1.25" (31mm)   1.25" (31mm) 1.0" (25mm)
      1.5" (37mm)
(A) Fixing Plate - Straight   2.0" (50mm)
Diameter Thickness   2.5" (62mm)
1.0" (25mm) 0.25" (66mm)   3.0" (75mm)
1.25" (31mm)     3.5" (75mm)
      4.0" (100mm)

Wall or Floor Mount Panel Grip Straight and Connecting Arm
Wall Mount Panel Grip Hook and Connecting Arm
Wall Mount Spacer and Button
Panel to Panel Spacer and Button
Socket Set Screw, Washers and Bushings
Ordering Information


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