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How to Order Floor and Wall Mount Hardware
1 Determine whether panel will be mounted at a right angle from another
surface (i.e.: wall or another panel) or vertically from the floor and ceiling. All standard hardware will hold glass up to 12mm (1/2”) thick. For thicker panels, custom hardware will be required. Call 1-888-505-4527 for more information on custom hardware.

2 Choose diameter of Fixing Plate (A). Use a wider diameter for softer
surfaces such as drywall Fixing Plate (T). Mounting screws are not supplied with Fixing Plates.

3 Select appropriate spacer type, length and diameter. Either a Connecting Arm (B) or Wall Spacer (F) depending on application. A Connecting Arm (B) is used with the Panel Grip series (C) (D). Wall Spacers are used in conjunction with Buttons (E) and Panel Spacers (G).

4 Order appropriate Panel Grip (C)(D) or Button (E) to hold the panel in place.

5 Order appropriate socket set screw (P), nylon washers (R) and nylon bushings (S). nylon bushings provided with all glass hardware.

How to Order Panel Connectors
1 Choose diameter of Buttons (E) and Panel Spacers (G).
2 Determine width of Panel Spacers (G).
3 Select appropriate quantity and length of appropriate socket set screw (P), (see chart).

Wall or Floor Mount Panel Grip Straight and Connecting Arm
Wall Mount Panel Grip Hook and Connecting Arm
Wall Mount Spacer and Button
Panel to Panel Spacer and Button
Socket Set Screw, Washers and Bushings
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