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Wall or Floor Mount

Wall or Floor Mount

Ceiling Mount Hardware Wall Mount Hardware Floor Mount Hardware

The 3 component system consists of a fixing plate, connecting arm with bayonet attachment and panel grip. Components can be interchanged to create support systems for a wide range of applications.

Select diameter and connecting arm length. Options: fixing plate can be oversized for increased stability on drywall (photos below). You will need to select your own fastener to suit the specific site conditions. Fasteners are not included with hardware.

Applications: panels, shelves, signage, appliqués

Parts to Order for Configuration at Left (stock sizes listed):

(C) Panel Grip - Straight (B) Connecting Arm
Diameter Length Diameter Length
1.0" (25mm) 1.5" (37mm) 1.0" (25mm) 0.5" (12mm)
1.25" (31mm)   1.25" (31mm) 1.0" (25mm)
      1.5" (37mm)
(A) Fixing Plate - Straight   2.0" (50mm)
Diameter Thickness   2.5" (62mm)
1.0" (25mm) 0.25" (66mm)   3.0" (75mm)
1.25" (31mm)     3.5" (75mm)
      4.0" (100mm)



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